“Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and opening our eyes to the integral role equity has to play in campaigning. The class really had a positive experience and I think you jolted several of them awake in a way they haven’t been before.”

Elaine Haney

Executive Director, EMERGE Vermont

“It is the unfortunate case in this world that extraordinary intelligence and compassion usually exist in an inverse relation to one another.  I can say from personal experience in collaborating with Tabitha Moore that she is one of the rare people who scores highly in both of these areas of human ability.  People and organizations who seek her help and services can expect to be treated with humanity and humility, while they will at the same time, importantly be challenged to be more than they presently are.  Her dedication to what is in the end a form of community empowerment and improvement uses a broad definition of “community” that can refer to a traditional organization, or to individuals.  And no matter what else one says about Tabitha Moore, it is important to note both how powerful and how transformative her work is.”

Dr. Etan, Nasreddin-Longo

Co-Director, Fair and Impartial Policing and Community Affairs, Vermont State Police, and Equity Advisor, Department of Public Safety.

“Leaders- how tough are you? If you can get her, you will never be the same.” 

Heather Simons

Executive Director, Vermont Criminal Justice Council

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